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Solicited Advice

How to Play the Game: 

This game is easy to play! Simply set the books out with pens where your guests will be and let them start writing in their advice. The quality of the advice depends on your guests. Then at some point in the event, guests each take a book, read the prompt on the cover, and then choose their favorite piece of advice from the wisdom on the pages. This game is good for laughs, tears and heartfelt sweetnesses. After the event, you have the permanent record of memories. 

P.S. Solicited Advice will not be held liable for any of the advice given...Afterall, they are your f****** friends and relatives. 

Books are made with high quality papers and have forty surfaces for response on the inside. They can be custom colors and printings for an extra charge. 

Wedding One Set

​10 books

These books are for new couples starting on the adventure of marriage. Topics are serious to humorous. These create a keepsake they will treasure forever.           Prices start at $29.99

Wedding Bonus Books

A few extra questions for those extra large weddings. 

Prices start at $19.99 for five books

The Keepsake Creating Game for your Special Occasions

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The fun game for Wedding Showers, Weddings, Bachelorette parties, Baby showers, Graduations, and 50th Birthdays. Basically all major events. 

A game for wedding showers

A game for wedding receptions

A game for baby showers

A game for bachelorette parties

A game for bachelor parties

A game for LBGT weddings

A game for 50th birthdays

A game for 60th birthdays

A game for high school graduation

A game for college graduation

Entertainment appropriate for weddings

Entertainment appropriate for wedding showers

Entertainment for baby showers

  • Baby Shower Books            (10 Books $29.99)
  • 50+ Birthday Books             (10 Books $29.99)
  • Graduation Books                (10 Books $29.99)
  • Naughty Advice Books          (5 Books $19.99)
  • Spiritual Wedding Book Set    (5 Books  $19.99)  
  • Solicited Advice- A game for Special Occasions

Weddings that create families10 Books

These books are for weddings that make instant families. Advice books on stepchildren and exes. 

These books will be treasured by the whole family. 

Prices start at $29.99